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hi faux
just trying ur 25beta1 atm
but is it normal for the cpu cant set at min 350 freq? it's always jump to 525 again, even I already set freq lock in trickster, still jump to 525 min. I'm using intellindemand fiops and plans to set min 350 max 1200 screen off 525. haven't succeeded yet. do u have a suggestion regarding best setting really much appreciated. thanks

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ID governor defaults to 525 MHz and is persistent in maintaining this frequency.

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I just installed 25b2 on cm10.1 20121223.
Seems like my notification light are no more working.
I double checked and they are enabled.
With cm stock kernel I had notification lights...
Does anyone else having the same issues?


Edit: part of the notification lights are shown, need to understand why
1301 - 1306 of 1306 Posts
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