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Good app to remotely control my phone?

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Does anybody know if there is a good app to remotely control my phone from a PC? I've tried a couple that go over the internet and have something like a 5 second lag and they're absolutely horrible. Given that my phone is ~2 feet away from my computer, I don't need it to go out over the web or anything. ;-)

What have you used before? What were the pros and cons of it?
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Snow02 said:
Android screencast. It requires a USB connection, but that sounds like it'll be fine.
This wasn't quite what I had in mind, requiring ADB and all, but I think this just might work. I keep the Android SDK installed in a Roaming Apps fashion (courtesy of Dropbox) so it's easy to get ADB up and running on any system. It's come in handy quite a few times before and sounds like it will again! :)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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