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Honestly, whichever screen protectors Verizon sells for ~$15, worked fine for me.

In fact, I recently pulled a "I'm hungover I can't think" move and left my phone on top of my car. Needless to say, after speeding off down the road I heard a bang then watched as my phone bounced off the ground, went right under the tire of the car behind me, then bounced some more. Went and grabbed it (phone, case, battery, and battery cover scattered about). Screen looked destroyed, pulled the protector off, not a single scratch. And other than the battery cover being tweaked, and a bunch of scratches in the metal, phone works like new. A testament to Moto build quality, and a simple screen protector.

(Wish I could have gotten some pictures, I was astonished. But.. the only camera I had on me was my phone, lol.)
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