If you're a fan of Google Calendar, and you've been waiting for a big update, then you'll be happy to know that your wait is almost up. Monday Google announced that it has some big updates for its calendar app.

Google's new Calendar update makes it easier to put events in your phone, and it makes them nicer to look at as well. The update highlights Google's "automagical" way of doing things. Say you get an email on your Gmail account that confirms a flight. Google Calendar will automatically put a calendar appointment in your schedule with a cool picture that has to do with the event. Google claims its main purpose for these updates is to make your life easier. They're purportedly helping to facilitate your life by making it faster to input events in your calendar. So in the event you have to manually create an appointment or date, you simply type in some information about the event and Google puts the appointment together for you by pulling key words like "birthday", "at 6" and "with Jennifer".

The new Google Calendar update is coming in the next few weeks for devices running Android 4.1 or newer. For those devices that have Android L, the update is already here. To find out more on Google's new updated Calendar app, check out their website here.

Google also posted a video that shows the new calendar app in action. Check it out below.

Source: Gmail blog