A little while ago, Google sent out notices that application developers who have in app purchases or paid apps on the Google Play Store would soon be required to post their addresses. The reasoning behind this seems to be in compliance with a new European ruling that protects consumers.

While this doesn't seem like such a big deal for the bigger developers who have separate work spaces, the indie developers are upset about this new policy. A lot of these developers believe that this could pose a risk to them, since their work address is also their home address.

Editor's note: just imagine the rare disgruntled customer beating down your door because an icon they requested didn't appear in the next icon pack update! Or one person claiming plagiarism now knows the home address of the alleged offender. The creators of Fruit Ninja have no such concerns, at least in regards to their families being in danger. I suppose irate customers could still make a scene at Halfbrick Studios' headquarters.
Google has already started displaying addresses for those who have added their addresses, but the rest of the developers have thirty days to add their address in before Google starts taking action. What action would Google take, you ask? They could pull the app from the Play Store altogether.

What do you think about Google's new Play Store Policy? Do you think it helps consumers or does it merely pose a risk to developers?

Source: Android Police