Google is fast at work filling in some blanks with their Music application. Version 5.2 brings us a few important updates including genre-based radio stations for All Access subscribers. There is also a download queue so users can see the progress of items that have been pinned for device download.

The update is rolling out in phases from Google and there is no current changelog at this time. There are some sites from which users who do not wish to wait can download the apk. After 24 hours with the update I am ready to share my first impressions.

A true but unfair test for many of these radio services is to see how they categorize the metal genre. There are several varieties and factions of the music from death, doom, black, glam, progressive, and so on. I immediately went to the progressive metal radio and was not impressed by what Google's algorithm's have determined to be progressive. I am also very forgiving, but it will take some time and user interaction to improve certain radio stations. As it stands, the genre radio is an important update and something that will continue to improve.

Some other more popular genre's seemed to be fairly spot-on and enjoyable. Not being an internet radio fan myself, I was surprised by one of the electronic stations and also by the new wave radio station. The hope is Google will judge preferences based on the uploaded library to deliver a more enjoyable radio experience.

The download queue hides in the settings and displays a simple window showing albums or songs in line to be downloaded. I have my phone set to only download on WiFi so I added a few songs while mobile and they sat in the download queue. When I got home to my WiFi, I added a couple albums then watched as they all downloaded and became pinned to my device. While this feature is not new to Google Music, the ability to pause and resume appears to be fresh with the update.

User experiences will probably vary. Do tell us your thoughts on the new genre radio in the comments.
Google Play Music is available for Free in the Google Play Store​