Google+ has been live (in and out of beta) for around 3 years now, and the changes that have been made from the beginning up to now have been mostly well-received. One of the limits that Google has imposed upon creating a profile is using your legitimate name, today Google is changing that rule.

This limit has prevented people from using their custom pseudonyms and most recognizable nicknames from other social networks and forums, and we have been complaining. Actually this issue has been the most requested change for Google+ since its inception. Google has been gradually opening up this requirement by letting pages and then YouTube users use custom names, and now anyone can change or use whatever name they choose.

If you already have a name you can go in to Google+, click to show your own profile, and click on your name to change it to something else. Remember that Google+'s society was built differently that that of other social networks, so choose your name carefully. Also note that now any profile can be accepted to Google+, so expect to see sites and personas that may be more questionable than usual in the network.

The change has already gone live without you having to look for an app update. Are you going to be changing your name back to your childhood nickname or are you fighting this change?

Source: Google+