If you've been wondering why some of your favorite games that should obviously have asynchronous multi-player don't, it has a whole lot to do with the Google Play Services API not having proper support. All that is changing with the new update to Google Play Services announced Thursday. Now Play Services will handle the logistics of turn based multi-player mechanics, freeing developers up and providing them with the tools to bring more robust experiences for their applications. This should equate to better competitive gaming experiences.

The new update will also bring online and offline syncing (synced with Google Drive upon reconnect) of game data via Google Drive, another improvement developers should find quite interesting. The update won't just be a boon for developers though, as it also brings new sharing functionality to Google Plus, better auto-complete and contact suggestions from Gmail and your device making it easier to push content to the people you want. Perhaps most interesting of all the new features of the update is that users should notice a reduction in battery drain for location reporting, fixing the drain issue from the previous Google Play Services.

Publishers will also be interested to hear about an expansion to Google Mobile ads that allows for Double Click for Publishers, Double Click Ad Exchange, and Search Ads for mobile applications. App monetization will also now be further improved using the location-based ads API that provides Google with an end user's location for ad targeting. The update should be rolling out to devices soon and developers will be able to download the SDK via Android SDK manager and take full advantage of the new API's. For the full report check out the Android Developers Blog Post source link below.

Source: Android Developers Blog