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Hello Everyone,

First time post. I scoured through numerous posts about the Play Store unable to find one related to mine. I will give as much detail as I can. Pretty simple if you are savy with rooting.

Phone: HTC Evo 4G
ROM Installed: MazWoz-Evo-B6 (Jellybean
GoogleApps Version: gapps-JB-20121124

Have attempted other ROMS and gapps versions. Just a few. But enough to know I must be missing a step or it is just broken and no one has it running :S. I have cleared all the cache, both the Play Store app cache and in Recovery mode Cache's. I just started into this Rooting last night. Very comfortable installing different ROMS. But why is the Play Store broken on each one? I have tried installing the ROM, Booting up, shutting down and than installing Gapps. Along with installing Gapps right after the Rom install. I clear everything for fresh install of both. It is getting me no where and the internet is full of all kinds of topics related to the Play Store. But nothing that fixes this issue.

I can not get connected to the Google Play Store. Using an existing google account to log in with, it never makes it into the store. But using this step does setup the email for the phone. Maybe that will help pinpoint an idea to you guru's. I hope someone can help.


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