Recent domain purchases from Google started a few rumors that the much-talked-about Nexus Tablet may have com bearing the name "Google Play". Those rumors have been squashed today, though, as Google has taken the wraps off of Google Play for the public to see.

Q: What is Google Play?
A: Google Play is a new digital content experience from Google where you can find your favorite music, movies, books, and Android apps and games. It's your entertainment hub: you can access it from the web or from your Android device or even TV, and all your content is instantly available across all of these devices.


Google Play is actually the new content portal for apps, games, books, music, etc. Google Play is just a re-branding of the Android Market under a new name, through which you will now purchase all your apps and media. The way you download to your device will remain unchanged, only the backend workings and the brand will be different. All existing apps and purchases you've made will still stay on your account, but will transition over to the Google Play portal. Over the coming weeks your Android Market app will become the Play Store, connecting you to the new service.

As for when it's coming, the rollout will happen globally beginning today. Apps such as Google Music and Google Books have now been renamed to Google Play Music, and Google Play Books. If they don't update automatically for you, you can find them in the market for download right now. So, in the big picture little has changed. Life will go on as you're used to, but we're saying farewell to the Android Market and hello to the Play Store. You can read more answers to common questions at the Play Q&A.

To celebrate the opening of Google Play, an app sale is now in effect! Dozens of apps and games have been dropped to $.49. Not only will apps and games be discounted, though, but also many books and music albums. The "7 Days of Play" promotion will run for one week, each day of which will bring a new listed of discounted items. Here's what we have so far for discounted apps:Need the apk? head on over to the forums.]]>