Developers start your engines - Google is hoping this time around that developers show up for the Android TV party. Unlike the last go 'round with Google TV, the Android dev team is hoping some simple guidelines will help encourage those who produce content applications and even games push their work to the entertainment platform.


On Monday, Google released a guide on their Developer's page called 'Distributing to Android TV'. The guide gives five steps from start to finish that enable developers in this space to produce a working application. Those steps are:

  • Understand Guidelines and Requirements
  • Develop a Great Application for TV
  • Test for TV App Quality
  • Opt-In to Android TV and Publish
  • Track your Review and Approval

In prior posts, the Android dev team posted the criteria for creating a TV quality application and provided proper protocols.


Developers are not going to be able to publish applications without following the standards that have been put out. Once a dev opts into the TV platform, they are expected to provide a lean back-end experience as well as an app that works well with the hardware that is going to ship for Android TV. The platform will almost have an Apple TV feel in pushing devs into going into more of an approval process, but Google feels that to compete in that space they're going to need a more robust yet unified app platform.

As I've stated before, for Android TV to work, the developers are going to have to show up and be creative. I hope they can wow me and take full advantage of the guidelines that have been laid out. We're going to need existing content providers to make their apps available for Android TV as well.

We will soon find out if this latest jump into the living room works out for Google time time. Do you think Android TV will make it? Let us know what you think.

Source: Android Developers

H/T: Phandroid