Some of you may remember FlexyCore, a French company that developed a third party alternative to the JIT (Just in Time) compiler back in the Froyo days. This was accomplished by using a specialized way of compiling Java code that was three times faster than JIT. The beauty of these optimizations at the time was that they could be implemented on both the app and OS level. You may remember the DroidBooster app which was essentially a benchmarking tool that showed you in real-time just how proficient their method of compiling Java code is.

In case Project Butter didn't do enough to make Android experiences smoother, Google has now acquired FlexyCore for $23 million after over a year of apparently fruitful talks with its engineers. One thing's certain - FlexyCore has experience making Android faster and their spoof-proof benchmarking tool proves it. FlexyCore was originally founded in 2006 by Gilbert Cabillic. Cabillic was a former employee in the R&D department at Texas Instruments before striking out on his own.

If you think the UI experience is less than optimal in Android then FlexyCore joining the Android team should be welcome news. Google apparently thinks it's a big deal as it was the first publicly announced acquisition since Sparrow in 2012. Let's hope some of this technology is applied to Kit Kat, Google's forthcoming update to our favorite mobile OS. If you are curious about FlexyCore's DroidBooster and its performance enhancements I've provided a demonstration below on Android 4.3 (I should note that DroidBooster is no longer available in the Play Store).

Via Phandroid