Google has shown their hands and their continued push to bring Google Wallet into the forefront. The application, originally designed for touch to pay purchases, now expands into tracking orders made via Wallet.
Today we're excited to announce a new feature, Orders, in the latest version of the Google Wallet app, rolling out this week on Android [v 4.0+, US only] and iOS [v 6.0+, US only]. With Orders, you can automatically track your online orders, receive notifications about status updates, and track all your past orders, all in one place. Download or update the app soon, and get started using Orders.
Many of us have become accustomed to Google Now telling us when items have shipped from Amazon or other online retailers. Many of us are also wondering why Google would add this functionality to Google Wallet. Many of us also remember vividly the ordering process for a new Nexus phone when they are first announced (Google is legendary for shipping snafus, and now they want to help you track your order, right?). Will this added functionality actually serve a purpose?


The update is aimed for users that order from Wallet giving them confirmation in Wallet of the purchase as well as tracking information when that becomes available. This apparently applies to purchases made and not made by Google Wallet. It is more than just the receipt that we get in our email (Gmail only by the way) after making a purchase. Wallet pulls that email and the subsequent tracker email to advise users the order was completed and shipped. Tracking will likely be accomplished with a tap in the Orders section similar to clicking "Track Package" works in Gmail.

Of course the big caveat is that this works only for American users running Android 4.0+ or iOS users 6.0+. This comes on top of Wallet still not working in many countries around the world. One would imagine the e-commerce business takes time to get into as Google is surely finding out. This does give Wallet other uses besides NFC, Offers and money transfers, though.

It is starting to come to some users through Google's usual staged rollout process and there are sites that have posted the APK for those who cannot wait. For those who have downloaded it, let us know your experience.

Google Wallet is available for Free in the Google Play Store (in select countries)​

H/T: Android Police via Google Wallet's Google Plus Page