After speculation and going back into hiding, a physical Google Wallet card is finally here. However, it's not what everyone may have hoped for. Instead of being a physical card to reflect the payment methods or credit cards on your Google Wallet account, it is instead a prepaid debit card. This means you need to load it with a balance before you can use it.

Though it may not have been the card we were looking for, I can see this finding various beneficial uses. For example, you could give the card to your child, relative or friend for purchases while being able to easily control the balance and track the usage. Of course, if you are into paying with cash but would like to leave the cash at home, this is another great use case for this card.

According to Google Wallet's sign up page:
  • There are no fees to order and activate the Google Wallet Card. Use your card to instantly access your Wallet Balance and make purchases at millions of MasterCard® locations.
  • Keep tabs on your Wallet purchases with instant notifications and access your transaction history anywhere, anytime.
  • The Google Wallet Card comes with 24/7 fraud monitoring and the Google Wallet Purchase Protection Plan. You can remotely disable the card or app anytime.
To pay with the Google Wallet debit card, simply:
  • Hand your card to the cashier or swipe it yourself and select DEBIT as method of payment
  • Type in your Google Wallet PIN (same as on the app) when asked for a PIN.
  • If you need to finish with your zip code, enter the one associated with your Google Wallet account
To add money to your Google Wallet balance, you must do so manually from the webpage (as shown below) or from within the Google Wallet App. You'll use one of the attached payment methods to fund the balance.

Add to Wallet Balance from Website

Add to Wallet Balance from Website​

Keep in mind there is a $5000 per day limit on spending with the card which does NOT include cash withdrawals at ATMs or banks.

Google Wallet Card Order

Head on over to the Google Wallet device page to request your card. It'll take about 10-12 days to arrive to your mailing address. Once you receive it, return to the Google Wallet page and activate the card.

Source: +Google Wallet