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Just to break the ice in this forum, I thought I'd talk about my wife's Ally. I bought it off of CamDroid last week and it's a nice little phone with some decent performance for a non-superphone. Nice screen, very nice keyboard, and pretty good battery life too.

I ended up installing Velocity 1.1 on it and overclocked it to ~800MHz. For what she's looking for (coming from a feature phone, looking to use it primarily as a feature phone and secondarily as a smartphone), this was a great choice. It's super stable for her (which is important) and allows her to have the things she wanted (Beautiful Widgets, Weatherbug, Gentle Alarm, Pandora, MP3 Player, Youtube, and GPS).

While I was installing Velocity, I ran into a little problem with recovery and fastboot not playing nicely. Fortunately, the folks in #ally (FreeNode) were able to help me through this problem. It's important to know that ClockworkMod Recovery does NOT play nicely with the Ally and that you should use Amon Ra should you get the chance to hack one of these devices.
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