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[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]Okay guys this theme has been discontinued and is now included in Gummy Nightlies as a theme manager theme, and should be in our next release. This post will no longer be updated but if you have issues please post here as I will continue to monitor.[/background]
[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]Gummy Nightlies can be found HERE [/background]

[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]For those of you running AOKP or CM9 a lite version can be found here[/background]
[background=rgb(245, 245, 245)]And a full version is avaible on Google Play here[/background]


This is a purple theme for Gummy built by me from modified Gummy Source.
I am new at this so any suggestions or feedback is welcome.
I am considering this a beta there is more I would like to do.

All Credit goes to
Team Gummy:
  • Kejar31 - Primary Developer and Project lead
  • Syaoran12 - Developer
  • Atesc - Developper
  • IMoseyON - Kernel Dev
  • PoiTEE - Forum support guru
  • Daank - Wallpapers and artwork
What is Themed
  • Framework
  • Browser
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • Email
  • Keyboard
  • Mms
  • Phone
  • Settings
  • SystemUI
  • ApexLauncher - credit Android Does
  • Gmail
  • Gallery
  • GenieWidget
  • Google Quick Search
  • Setup Wizard
How to Install
  • Install Gummy 1.0.1
  • Install Grapegum them then Grapegum GAPPS in CWR
  • Change clock, softkeys, pulldown widgets in gummy settings code is 934bbf (Not required if you wiped data except for soft keys)
  • 1.0 For Gummy 1.0
  • 1.0.1 For Gummy 1.0.1


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This actually looks pretty dang good. I'll bet the purple really POPS on the SAMOLED screen. Great job man!

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It looks like all my other files are fine but for some reason it does not like this one. I sent them a help ticket so maybe tomorrow. I'm not where I can get to the file right now to mirror it but I will put one up tomorrow.

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none of the download links are working. they take you to mediafire then it says "File blocked for Violation". can you post some mirrors?? try
Ok not sure what was up but they told me it was fine and to clear cach and try again I did but did not work but if you right click on file and hit copy link then paste in new window it works so try that. Oh and I renamed it purplethemetoro10 cause I thought that may have been problem. Good luck.
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