A new module for the Xposed framework provides users with the ability to add certain popular custom ROM features into pure AOSP ROMs. The Xposed framework provides users an easy and safe way to modify their ROMs without have to flash changes or modify apks. Gravity is in my opinion one of the most useful modules which has been developed for the Xposed framework because offers a wide variety of popular ROM features and allows users to pick and choose their favorites.

Adding useful features, which provide a better experience on Android smartphones, has been the bread and butter of ROM development. Many ROM users look for certain features in the ROMs they flash on their devices. While some developers bake signature features into their ROMs, others achieve it through mods which can be flashed separately. The Gravity module allows users to install the module and pick from a menu of features which users can choose to add to their custom ROMs.

The current menu of Gravity features includes the following:
  • Status bar Quick Settings tile management with tile reordering
  • Lockscreen targets
  • Status bar tweaks including: color and transparency; Brightness Control and icon colors
  • Additional Quick Settings tiles: Sync on/off, Wifi AP on/off, Gravity Box shortcut, Torch, Network mode (2G/3G/2G+3G switch), Sleep, Quick Record, Quick App, GPS on/off, Ringer mode, Volume tile
  • Quick pull down - switches to Quick Settings when status bar is pulled down near edges
  • Auto-switch to Quick Settings when there are no notifications
  • Center clock in status bar
  • Battery indicator style
  • Navigation bar tweaks
  • Low battery warning policy
  • Disable LED flashing when battery low and/or while charging
  • Auto-hiding of signal icons for empty SIM Slots
  • Advanced power-off menu (reboot, recovery)
  • Volume key cursor control
  • Skip tracks by volume key long-press while screen off (thanks to rovo89)
  • More volume levels for music stream
  • Option to control safe headset media volume
  • Button for clearing all recent tasks at once
  • Full screen caller photo
  • CRT screen off animation
  • Minimal brightness setting
  • Auto brightness levels adjustment
  • Lockscreen tweaks - show widgets maximized, lock screen background style (color fill, custom image)
  • Lockscreen rotation
  • Phone tweaks - flip action, disable vibrate on call connect
  • Hardware key actions - menu long-press/double-tap, back long-press, home long-press
  • Dithered Holo background
  • Option to use solid black Holo background
  • Expandable volume panel
  • Option to unlink ringtone and notifications volumes
  • Notification drawer style (background color, image for portrait/landscape, transparency)
  • Button backlight modes (default, disabled, always on while screen is on
  • Button backlight notifications (for devices that lack Notification LED)
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As you can see from the list, gravity offers a lot of options for users to choose from when running a pure AOSP ROM. The Xposed framework and Gravity module work well on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus and have improved my experience. There are a lot of different modules which can be added to the Xposed Framework to improve the Android experience.

The Xposed Framework and individual modules can be removed by the user at any time. You can find instructions on how to use this module at the XDA thread linked below.

Sources: Android Police; XDA Developers