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This is Team Carbon's ( ) K-K 4.4.2 Nightly , I did not build this Rom, I only Ported/Edited to be carrier specific for {C Spire} so all the credit goes to Team Carbon. {do not contact them for bug report's} But feel free to give feed back here.

. post-3-0-66051700-1393660127_thumb.png post-3-0-34375800-1393656904_thumb.png

CARBON ROM: <----- Put on SD card ( I prefer external SD card)

GAPPS; <----- Put on SD card ( I prefer external SD card)

How To Flash ............;

Boot into recovery

Wipe data, factory reset / cache / dalvik / format system

Flash Rom

Flash gapps

Reboot and Enjoy

Swipe on key board doesn't work (personally i don't use it) *Bug on other team build's too* They should find fix soon

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Compeering to other roms this one is pretty fast!!

However is there any way to add gsm support? It seems like every time you change setting from cdma to gsm process dies. What does it mean?

I'm unable to locate manual apn settings location.
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