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How to decompile an .APK:​

Step 1:
Download >>This<< this is a tool for decompiling an .apk (i take no credit for this tool i did not make it i cant remember where i got it but the credit goes to the maker)

Step 2:
Now go to your C:\ directory create a new folder (doesnt matter what you name it) now extract the apk_manager to the folder that you created.

Step 3:
Download: >>This<< and also >>This<<
(whatever you are using 7zip or winrar, go into settings and integration and check the .BZ2 file extension)

Step 4:
Extract both files to the other folder in apk_manager

Step 5:
Plug your phone into your computer and pull framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk from your /system/framework/ directory and place both files in the other folder

Step 6:
open up command prompt and enter

cd (whatever you named the folder that you put apk_manager)
cd other
apktool if framework-res.apk

Step 7:

cd (whatever you named the folder that you put apk_manager)
cd other
apktool if twframework-res.apk

Step 8:

now grab the apk that you want to decompile and place it in the place-apk-here-for-modding folder

Step 9:

open script now enter 22 into command press enter, press corresponding number for your apk for ex. 1 then press enter, now press 9 then enter... APK should now be decompiling (decompiled apk should be in the projects folder)

Let me know if anyone has any problems with this
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