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[Guide] Nexus 7 Bootloaders/Recoveries/Root/Back to Stock

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Thanks to:

Team Win
and any others whom I am unaware of (please pm and I will include you)

WARNING: This will wipe your device. Backup all your photos and whatnot.
  1. Boot device into bootloader.
  2. Open a command prompt in the folder where your fastboot.exe lives. Typically this is the platform-tools directory in the SDK.
  3. Type in
    fastboot oem unlock
    and press enter.

  4. Follow prompts on device to unlock bootloader.
  5. Profit!
See Post 2 -> here

See Post 3 -> here

See Post 3 -> here

  1. Load CWM onto your device as described in the RECOVERIES section
  2. Download the SU binary for JB
  3. Put it onto the device
  4. Boot into recovery
  5. Install zip from sd card
  6. Choose zip
  7. Navigate to the file you downloaded and put onto the device
  8. Flash
  9. Profit!
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Did all this, but now I can't boot straight to recovery. It just sits at the Google splash. I have to reboot to recovery. Does anyone know why? I have the 32gb model

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This seems to be a common problem for the Nexus 7. Check this post for more information:
Guys... my USB port is dead. Is there any way I could revert the kernel to stock and relock the bootloader without fastboot?

Edit: I'm running stock ROM... only kernel was changed... if that even matters. I'm guessing it doesn't. lol

Nevermind... issue is now solved.
Back to stock issue:

Hello I'm new and I have a nexus 7 with build jop40d. The problem is I only got a Google screen with padlock. I tried to follow the procedure stated here but I received an error when I type this in command line:

12. fastboot -w update nakasi-jop40d/


sending 'sytem' <477136KB>
FAILED. <data transfer failure< too many link>>
Took me awhile to figure this out, given the new files, but it did finally work. Thank you very much.
Any possibility of updating the op to reflect the file updates?

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121 - 125 of 125 Posts
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