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To order send the payment of $19 here (16 for the shirt 3 for the shipping).. Please make sure your paypal account is confirmed and your address is correct.. Also make sure to include a note that this is for the t-shirt, your rootz handle, what size you need and what color you want.

Ok both myself and Adam used all our upgrades until well into next year at this point. We both also have a family to support and its not feasable for us to spend ~600 on a new phone such as this one "at least according to my wife

So we are starting a T-Shirt sale slash fund raiser for the cause :D

This fund raiser will be completely open and we will not hide anything from you (AKA cost nor handling)

Shirts will cost us ~$8 a piece and we will sell them to you for 16 + shipping that will give us a profit of ~3 a piece after paypal fees etc...

I estimate it will take at least 200 sales for us to reach our goal.

We will be offering both a black and white T-shirts

We will need to sell at least 20 of each shirt before we can order as that is the min order to get the price we need.

If for whatever reason we do not at least reach the 20 shirt min I will refund your money...

I will also keep a running list on who ordered the shirt on this site to show who has supported our cause

if for some reason your name has not been included on the second post in this forum please let me know ASAP.

I also want to thank Mobile Sensei who is the one to came up with the artwork and idea!!!!

Here are what the shirts will look like



Confirmation number: 91G51682LU4519700.

41 - 60 of 60 Posts
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