Heroes of Dragon Age is another Android title from Electronic Arts that is currently in a soft launch. This one is coming from the studio now known as EA Capital, formerly Bioware Sacramento. I once again was able to get my hands on the game and give it a spin and though it's not a full-fledged Dragon Age title the game does have a lot to offer.

The premise is something very similar to a few other mobile games out there (a lot of the games that Mobage has put out come to mind) and it works on a very similar model as say, Blood Brothers. Of course a key advantage is the familiar Dragon Age IP with its extensive lore and large fan base. Fan's of Dragon Age will find themselves in familiar territory in terms of the locales and characters that appear in this turn-based combat game.

Players form squads of heroes and creatures as they traverse the history of Dragon Age in the form of progressively more difficult quests. There are hundreds of characters to collect and choose from, each with its own abilities and characteristics. Combining these heroes together to form a cohesive unit is a key part of the strategy. The game also features a rune stone that can be used to augment that strategy and give further control over the way your squad will deal with opponents.

The turn-based combat is automated à la Blood Brothers, making the units' attack styles/roles and where you place the units in your squad critical to victory. Additionally your 4-member squad can be accompanied by one legendary creature from the lore of Dragon Age ranging from bears all the way to epic dragons.

In typical EA fashion the game will be free to play and supported by in-app purchases. However, one thing I can say about this particular game is that it's entirely possible to progress without spending real money. It seems to stick more to a time vs. cash investment for players. PVP is also present and with leaderboards, giving players another way to earn experience and money to buy boosters. There are three kinds of boosters, each giving players an opportunity to earn the best creatures in the game, which is actually great for those players who would rather not spend a load of cash.

Heroes of Dragon Age is an appealing game even with the free-to-play elements intact and is sure to appeal to turn-based strategy and RPG buffs alike. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, especially with its outstanding music and sound effects and tablet-optimized HD graphics with a boatload of characters ripped right out of the lore of DA. Electronic Arts has a title that should appeal to casual gamers and hard-core fans alike. I'll let you know when this title sees a wider launch, but for now you can check out the trailer below.