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<<App Infomation>>

App Name: Fitness Cafe

Type: Health & Finess

Android Goole Market Link:

Price: Free

Release Date: Dec 13, 2012

You tube Link:
Screenshots: http://s3.everthink....screenshots.jpg

Icon : http://s3.everthink....r/ad/1/icon.png


Too tired to work out?

Here is the easiest workout in the world. Fitness Cafe is a fitness application that provides full body workout programs with real life video demonstrations. It features more than 280 exercise demonstrations with full explanations. Compared to other fitness apps targeting advanced users, beginners are also able to exercise any time anywhere in daily life. The greatest advantage of Fitness Cafe is that even busy people living a busy life can work out effectively.

Attention! Fitness Cafe provides 4 FREE major body exercise programs, such as making a lean body, muscle strength, flexibility, and office stretches. So enjoy these core exercise programs and save money by downloading this for free. Plus, free stars called "Cafe Stars" will provide more fun. Cafe Stars are given after your workouts. With these, you can purchase an additional 26 programs.

Also the professional training coach offers effective exercise know-hows and supplemental tips for you.It will be helpful to achieve your health goals with Fitness Cafe.

Such easy and smart tools to exercise are here for you. Why are you hesitating to download it and try? Easy to workout, Easy to be healthy.


* Various programs designed for various goals:
Woman's and Man's workout, Fat Burn program, Therapy program, Life Style program
* 280 real life video demonstrations and detailed text descriptions
* Step-by-step motions with verbal explanations
* Easily aaccessible fitness
* Daily exercises workout programs
* Workout programs designed for various body parts
* Cafe Stars earned for every workout

Why haven't you downloaded Fitness Cafe for free yet? This is your ultimate fitness.


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Maintaining your figure is quite difficult, but a very necessary activity for girls. Many ladies want to maintain their figure right from home, as it is much easier and also saves a lot of time and money to visit any fitness centers. A fitness blog,, helps my wife with this. I was really glad that my wife took such care of herself and, of course, of me. I advise you to introduce your girls to this blog.
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