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Ok, so over the past few days I have been experiencing some network issues and I need some help.

Verizon officially luanched 4G in my area on the 21st of this month. My thunderbolt was running Das Bamf RC4.9 with the MR2.5 radio. My buddy also has a thunderbolt but his is completely stock. On the 20th we both had 4G all day and everything was working perfectly. On the 21st I flashed the newest leaked radio from Chingy and I never once had 4G and just shrugged it off as being Verizon. But then on the 22nd I was talking with my buddy and not only did he have 4G on the 21st but he had 4G that day as we were speaking (on the 22nd). I on the other hand did not. So I check and verified that my 4G was turned on (which it was) and then out of no where I get a random reboot. When my phone came back up I had 4G. But then an hour after that my 4G would keep going in and out and I would never have 4G for more then 5 minutes at a time. While my buddy had 4G consistantly.

So I flashed back to MR2.5 hoping to solve the problem, and it didnt. So I flashed to MR2 and the problem still persisted. So then I switched from Das Bamf RC4.9 to Gingeritis 1.2 and the problem is STILL persisting.

I dont know what else to try, Any Ideas????? When I say my 4G goes "in and out". Im referring to my phone switching from 4G to 3G.

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