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I've been using the MIUI builds you guys have done, but my GPS wasn't working at all really, and i'm on vacation in a different city so i'm no really familiar with the area. Well earlier today i tried to flash the odin eb11 showcase files, once i did that my phone is in roaming state... but i'm in my calling area, and my desire is not roaming.. I have tried to restore nandroids of PnP roms and the origional CS rom i had, they all say i'm roaming so i don't get any data. I'm on the Froyo EC25(?) flashed via odin, but i'm still getting the same thing, I can't *228 because my phone is saying I'm on the verizon wireless network, I've also flashed back to MIUI and going to Try CM7 next, i need HELP PLZ! :sad3: i'm wondering if it's the radio and prl? or something :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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