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Easiest way, imo, make sure your phone is disconnected from the computer, install the htc drivers..hook the phone up. Make sure in the device manager on the computer, it shows up as a disk drive..once this is done. You can open up Revolutionary's file and it will connect to your phone. It will show you the two things you need, which is your serial number and your hboot version. Then go to their website and put in that information.. it'll generate a key which is what the program on your computer will ask for. Cut and paste it into CMD ( Left hand corner of the box, you can click that and hit edit -> then paste. Hit " enter " and it'll go through the process of unlocking the S-off.
Once this is done.. it'll ask if you want to flash Clockwork Mod.. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, You can can use Team Win Project's recovery, label this file as " PG86IMG " and place this file on the root of your SD Card. Boot into the boot loader.. it'll pick up the file and install the recovery. Now.. you have s-off and recovery. Once this has been achieved, let the phone boot up...remove the PG file you created... find Super User zip file ... place that on the root of the SD Card. Boot into the boot loader again.. this time go into recovery..flash from zip file..and flash Super User.
Now you have accomplished S-Off, Recovery and Superuser.
Now turn the phone on, let it run it's updates.. try to make a phone call and you'll probably receive " error 16 " no worries, stay on the line and tell Sprint Customer Service you received error 16 and to help.. they'll walk you through it.. takes 5 minutes.

Rooted... and enjoy!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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