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help with z4root on droid x

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Help with DROID x z4root I have downloaded, deleted, rebooted, and can't get the z4root to work. It works for a few seconds when I push root but after a few seconds it goes back to my apps screen and if I click the icon it says z4root has shut down. Im running on 2.3.3 if anyone could help that would b great. [email protected]

edit: removed mobile number
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You can't use z4root on Gingerbread. It is a Froyo root file. below is the link you will need. very easy takes just a couple of mins..
So since I have the updated version and its all stock, the only way is to root it by computer? There isn't a one touch app I could use?
It is one click, it's just on your computer not on your phone, that's all. :)
Here is how to root gingerbread on the droidX

EDIT: missed some most of the previous posts
you can use the d3 root method
this is the simplest method as for now
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