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Helping A Friend, Cwm Recovery Help

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OK, so i have a friend who recently bought a rooted Epic 4G. it does not have CWM recovery on it. we tried flashing through ROM manager and it didn't work.

will these "one click" root and CWM recovery processes work if he is already rooted?
he is running EC05 froyo
if you could point me in the right direction on how to get CWM on and already rooted EC05 epic, that would be great.

also, he is on Boost Mobile, will flashing ROM's/kernels mess up his boost service at all? i wouldn't think so but maybe someone knows for sure.

thanks, and sorry if this has been asked before, i couldn't find anything. also, i am a pretty advanced root/ROM/flashaholic so you dont have to talk dumb to me
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wow, that sucks. But thanks for the response. i have no problem doing that with him, but i am worried about the Boost Mobile flash. would using ODIN to get back to stock ruin this, or is this something outside of the OS/kernal?
I know this is old, but for the record- you can odin cwm and your carrier flash will be uneffected. only thing is, just odin the rom and NOT the pit, and definantly DO NOT repartion- if your going stock first. or just flash the recovery, you dont need to go stock first. it seems that repartioning wipes your flash, im not sure if the pit does too, but its nt worth the risk.
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