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I tweeted a screen shot earlier of my current home screen setup that i am using. I figured it would be easier to spell it out here than constantly answer Tweets about it lol.

First the image itself.

This was all inspired when Android Police tweeted this video :

The Widgets/apks used:
Simi Clock
Circle Battery Widget
Fancy Wigdet Pro with the Simpleton White weather skin
androidphone7 Icon Pack

Also I am using the Multipicture Live Wallpaper to give a cool looking 3D effect when swapping screens.

Launcher is ADWEX although I think ADW can do it too.

Settings in ADW:
Icon Size : 60
Icon Text : 10
Main Dock: None
Desktop Columns : 8
Desktop Rows : 10
Hide Status Bar
App Drawer Full Screen
Wallpaper Scrolling is on (for mulitpicture Live wallpaper)
Swipe down : open/close notifications
Swipe Up: open app drawer

For the icons, I used the edit feature of the shortcuts, and manually changed the icons.
I set them in that fashion, because I mostly hold my phone with my right hand, and it makes all the icons easily in reach of my thumb
The icons are also spaced with one "slot" in between them.
For all the widgets I set the background to transparent, and use white for the text colors.

Overall I am liking it, and I find it gives a minimal feel with a lot of functionality.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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