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..Hoping some Touchpad Dev can help

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i work at a car dealership and when these touchpads went on sale i told myself i'd have to get on so i can ditch the clipboard and bs notepad, well i can take notes and pull up my dealership website while outside instead of running back and forth trying to get info on cars for ppl, but the one biggie that sucks is the website (where we log our customers and organize our appointments, call backs etc etc, the browser wont let me use the secure login, it does the same on the computer for chrome i'm just curious is there anything that can be done to allow me to access my promax thru my touchpad
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hmm, tricky, I'm looking into it. Can you type in your username and password, or does it say that it doesn't support your browser from the moment you go to login, or after you login? (I just tried on google chrome and the webpage comes up but the login area stays blank white - is this the problem? you know, it does seem weird, I can't even figure out if the login button thing is flash, or what, and there's no basic html login, and I don't know what security is being used but it must be awfully small. There is a link at the botom of the page for "trustwave," maybe call them and say that their software sucks).

Here's what I would try first:

If you haven't already, first update to 3.02 by going to the system update app.

First thing that might help if some patches but if you haven't already done this, go do it now, it will significantly speed up your touchpad. There are plenty of guides out there, I believe even on this forum. If not, go to a website called "precentral" and go their forums, I know they have a good guide (that's where I went). The guide will tell you how to 1. install preware on your phone, 2. how to add "feeds" to preware so that when you open preware you'll have access to more stuff, and 3. how to download patches, apps, etc.

Install the patches, mods, and whatnots in preware that appeal to you and would make things more helpful for you.

I can't really tell you what to install because it's personal opinion, but personally, I say avoid the patch that makes animations run super crazy fast... It doesn't really spped anything up on your system, but makes webOS look cheap and choppy. but again that's just my two cents). I would definitely install the patch that makes the touchpad more touch-responsive, unless you like it how it is? And I would install "warthog kernel" and "govnah" to be sure, and once govnah is instaled set your touchpad to run at 1.5 or 1.7 GHz (for the max setting) and just keep eveything else as it is.

After making your system faster/less HP crippled, check out all available browser mods, there are several available, hopefully and hopefully there's a plugin will remedy your login issues. I'm pretty sure I didn't see any alternative browsers to download on the HP app store, but there might be something in preware? Also check preware, the web, and the HP store for other browsers

Hopefully that helps. If it doesn't, one thing that WILL work but will be a small hassle will be to download the apps in preware (sorry, can't remember their names, but I think it's Executah and something else similar to that... you'll come across em) and use your touchpad to connect to a computer, and then login on your browser of choice. So you'll be using your touchpad as a window to your computer, not actually using your touchpad. Hopefully you can't find an easier solution than that, though!

Two quick things: 1. if my suggestions fail, post this at precentral, they have a lot of pre and linux centric devs that can possibly whip something up for you
2. if I ever need to buy a car from you, please give me a discount :)
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I've seen a tweak elsewhere that's designed to alter the browser signature...

Take a look here:

Note... if you do this, and it screws up your touchpad, I'm not responsible... :D
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