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Horrible Battery life with CM7 on 3g/4g

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On my phone when I have 3g or 4g on I get HORRIBLE battery life. Like 4hrs at max. I can practically watch the percentage go down (like 1% a minute)and the phone gets super hot. I have bumpcharged / calibrated like 10 times now.

On wifi its fine. Amazing even. I could go days with it. And its not like I have an app thats running. Android says its all the cell usage.

Im using CM7 rc1.5.2 and MR2.5, As I was typing this post I flashed MR2 to see if it helps.

Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks :)
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Running cm7 rc1.6.1 with the latest ota radio and the latest jdkernel (smartass gov) . First day using it. 8 hours on battery and its at 70%. Not too bad.

I'm using Green Power for data off when screens off and setcpu profiles (245/368 min Max when screen is off on powersave gov).

With the right tweaks, cm7 can have pretty good battery life.
"zenoran said:
I've had this problem for a while to the point where I could hardly get through the day any more. I decided to finally try a sense rom and battery drain has gone to what I would consider normal.

It's unfortunate because I love cm7 but aosp roms rape battery for some reason so I'm sticking with sense for some relief. Wish someone could pinpoint the difference the sense Tom's provide but it's a drastic difference. Like 2-3xs longer life of a standby phone.
I agree that sense ROMs offer better battery life. I guess it all depends on how you use your phone. For me, I use my phone heavily at home mostly, with wifi and a charger near by, so aosp ROMs are ok for me.
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