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How do I put a zip in the "internal memory" through fastboot?

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I had to go back to stock (wiped internal memory), then I wiped everything in CWR in preperation for a new ROM... BUT... I forgot to put the zip file back. What commands would I use to fastboot the file to internal memory?

Thanks guys!!!
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I don't know if fastboot will let you do that...?

If you can get to CWR, mount /data, and then use adb to push the file to your sd card: adb push /data/media is of course the name of the ROM zip file.
That's not working for me...
I normally CD to the directory where the zip file is then

adb push /sdcard/ROM/

You would be:
adb push /sdcard/
Am I supposed to be in recovery still while doing this? It gives me a 'device not found' error
Run "adb shell". If this doesn't work, you almost definitely have driver issues.
Same error... It was just working an hour ago to fastboot everything
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Plug your phone in & do:
adb devices

Your results should be:
serial # recovery

If you don't see that you need to install the appropriate drivers on your workstation. Once you see the above results the command I told you to do should work.
Thanks! adb devices is not showing anything. IDK how my drivers got messed up. I was just adb all morning. Now to fix that...
fastboot and adb use different drivers, I believe. I usually use Samsung drivers for adb but the drivers that come with the tether app (can't think of the name offhand) for fastboot. Install them in that order and you're good. (see Birdman's stickied guide to rooting to see what I'm talking about)
Doing that now thanks
Thanks a lot everyone!!!! I updated my drivers then pushed .zip to /sdcard . Thank you!!!
what do u mean u update ur drivers and how u do it?

i have the same problem pls help me..
Do you have the Android SDK installed?

If yes, then you should be able to plug your phone into your computer while in recovery. Then right-click on My Computer > Manage > Device Manager & there will either be a yellow triangle that says "Android" or "Android" should be listed at the top and you would right-click on either one and "update driver software". If it doesn't find it automatically, then > Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer > Android device > Android Composite ADB Interface.

If you don't have the SDK installed, then install this and go through the process above.

Should work. Give me a little more info if you can.
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Perfect. I was able to see my HTC One when in fastboot, but not recovery. Forcing the driver as an Android Composite ADB interface did the trick.

No problem! I appreciate you letting me know it helped you out.
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