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I have a Droid Charge and have had to send it in twice and it is still not working. The device constantly shows that I am in roaming but if I take the Sim out and put it in a Thunderbolt there is no problem. Verizon says they have done all they can. I have tried a different sim card. Everything points to this being the device and I can't find any answers online.

Samsung technical support wants me to send it in for repairs for the third time despite the fact that it was nto fixed last time. I asked to be elevated but it just turned out to be another person who tried to be nice but did not know what they were talking about.

Now I am not trying to troll. I just think it is important that people know about things like this and wanted to see if there was some other way of handling this. I don't want to send off my phone for the third time so I can go without it for 2 weeks, and while I can get mobile data by checking the roaming data box on the device it constantly shows that there is this problem, and I think it is affecting my battery life.

Anyway, generally Samsung support has been friendly and relatively expedient. However every Samsung Mobile device I have owned has been shipped in for repairs (Tab 10.1, Fascinate, Charge.) That feels a little excessive.
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