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NOTE: This guide is intended to be used along with our regular compile guide for TWRP. This guide outlines what you need to do to build a recovery that is safe to use on Samsung devices that have leaked ICS kernels with the emmc wipe bug that causes a brick on those devices and specifically for devices that have recovery in their boot partitions.

First off, if you're building in CM9, make sure that you sync the latest CM9 code so that you can be sure that you have the latest suppress emmc wipe code that was recently added. Make absolutely certain that you add this build flag to your BoardConfig exactly as you see it here with no extra spaces at the end or it won't work and you can and will brick your device:


In addition to the above, you will want to include a "safe" update-binary in your build. The update-binary needs to be in recovery/root/sbin/update-binary You can use PRODUCT_COPY_FILES to put it there or put it in your device configs under recovery/root/sbin/update-binary Make sure that you give the update-binary execute permissions in your device configs or the recovery won't be able to execute it and you won't be able to install any zips. You can get a copy of a known safe update-binary here (thanks to chris41g for compiling it). You can double check that you've added the update-binary correctly by installing a zip that does not wipe anything and then checking your recovery log for a message that says that it's using the update-binary that's included in the recovery. You also will find that some zips do not install properly with a different update-binary, however, we feel that this approach is better than running the risk of a brick.

Once we get kernel source for these Samsung devices we can fix the kernel source to suppress the wipe command that causes the bricks (though it will likely already be fixed in the source code before Samsung ships it). Then these safety measures should no longer be needed.

Note that I was not the one that figured out what the emmc issue was or responsible for fixing the wipe code in CM9 source. I am also not responsible for anything that you do with your device. Be safe!
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