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I was looking how to do this without booting into WebOS, and wanted to do it in Android.

This step-by-step is how I did it. **Warning... I'm not responsible for what you do. This is just a guide on what I did... blah blah**

1. Download File Expert and Astro File Manager from the Market - and

2. Open File expert.

3. Press Menu > File Explorer Settings > Check Root Explorer and Search all files

4. Back out to File Expert home screen.

5. Select My Files > Phone Internal Storage > Boot

6. Press Menu > More > Mount > Mount as Read Write

7. Scroll down and find the file named "moboot.default."

8. Long Press and Select Permission

9. Check All --> Read, Write and Exec. then apply

10. Long Press "moboot.default" again.

11. Select more > Open With > Text Editor (Astro Text Editor)

12. Erase the text (Mine was Cyanogenmod) and change to whichever moboot selection you want (AOKP, Clockworkmod, Webos).

13. Press Menu > Save

14. Exit and you should be good
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