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How To Get To 1.9.16 From 1.9.9

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1) Get to .602 stock any way that you want, then turn on USB debugging in development settings
2) Plug phone into USB, set USB mode to charge only
3) Use Pete Souza's One Click Root to get root
4) Install D2 Bootstrap, click "Bootstrap Recovery"
5) Install Rom Manager, flash Droid X recovery (not the 2nd-init one since we're on stock still)
6) Reboot to recovery, flash 1.9.16
7) Format data/cache, then wipe dalvik cache
8) Reboot

If you don't know how to SBF, don't ask here! There are plenty of threads so please search around. Thank you for your courtesy.
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Just a quick FYI: if you have the Team Black Hat app, you can use their AIO x.602 updater zip directly from MIUI 1.9.9 (after wiping data).

I did this and it worked with two caveats:
1. After flashing the TBH updater I rebooted, and got stuck on the red Motorola logo. I then did a battery pull, and the next reboot took me to CWM recovery (!?)
Without rebooting again I flashed MIUI 1.9.16, and it WORKED!
2. I had some issues activating the phone after the update (I don't know if it's an update issue or a Verizon issue)

Also, AFAIK TiBU backups work.

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