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How to make Notifiacation backround transparent?

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Hey guys. I've got a backround that is transparent and I am able to apply it through NinjaMorph, but the pulldownbar cuts the bottom of it off and I want to edit the .png. The problem is, when I edit it the .png is no longer tansparent. Does anyone know how to edit the .png file and keep it transparent/translucent? I want to move the image up a little and keep the transparency. I've attached a copy of the file I'm trying to edit, along w/ a screenshot of what I'm talking about.


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froyo or gingerbread??

also you cant metamorph a touch wiz rom.

you have to do some xml editing. head over to irc, im not gonna try and explain it over the forum.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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