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This thread is outdated. Go HERE for new one

To install CyanogenMod 7 on Droid X, you must first gather a few required files.

2.3.340 (Froyo) SBF:

RSD Lite 4.8 (Windows):

sbf_flash (Mac and Linux):


Droid 2 Bootstrap: or Buy it on the Market and donate to Koush!

Google Apps:

Now, too begin, you must flash back to 2.3.340, or Froyo version 2.2.1. To do his, you need to use the SBF and RSD Lite (Windows) or sbf_flash (Mac and Linux).

First 4 steps are the same.

1) Make sure you have at least 40% battery life (I'd do full battery to be safe)
2) Turn your device off.
3) Power back on while holding volume down and camera button
4) Plug device in to computer.

For the next few steps, follow the instructions for your respective OS.


5) Open RSD Lite
6) Click the … button and navigate to the SBF
7) Click on the device (should be the only one listed) then click start.


5) Download sbf_flash and SBF to a memorable directory (I recommend naming the sbf to something short and easy to remember)
6) Open up terminal (Spotlight search "Terminal" on Mac, Applications > System Tools > Terminal on Linux)
7) Navigate to the directory containing sbf_flash using cd ("cd directory")
8) Type chmod +x sbf_flash
9) Type ./sbf_flash <name>.sbf

Then, to finish

1) Wait 20 or so minutes, device should reboot on it's own.
2) You will bootloop, so once it reboots, pull the battery, power on while holding home, press search once you get the Android with the device and the triangle with the exclamation mark. Navigate down to "wipe data/factory reset" and reset. Reboot, and go through all the steps to activate. Setting up Google account is optional.

Now we get on to the ACTUAL install. Install z4root and the Bootstrap apk's however you choose. Then run z4root and then run the Bootstrap, and reboot into recovery.

If you haven't already, move Cyanogen Mod and Google Apps onto your sdcard. Now, wipe data, and scroll down to "install zip from sdcard" then pick "choose zip from sdcard" Find where you saved the Cyanogen Mod, and install it. Once that finishes, go back into the same menu, except this time pick the Google Apps

Now reboot, and when your phone finally finishes booting, you should be running Cyanogen Mod! If you have any questions, corrections, problems with the instructions, please leave a post here and somebody will be around to help you!

Thanks, and please enjoy CyanogenMod!

Thanks go out to:

The whole CyanogenMod team for the awesome ROM
cvpcs for taking all the time to get it to work on the Droid X
Koush for the Bootstrapper and ClockworkMod recovery
RyanZA for z4root
P3Droid and MDW for the SBF
[mbm] for sbf_flash

And everybody else who made this a possibility! If I missed you by accident, send me a message and I'll be sure to add you to the list.

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Admann said:
According to cvpcs today via tweeter...Bootstrap and flashing would not be needed...has that changed?

Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
What he meant was that it would not be necessary once you were onto CM, because there is a reboot to recovery menu option (on long-press power) that he has tooled to work with the DX. Before that, you do have to flash and bootstrap.
kurtislemaster said:
theres truly no other way, to avoid sbf'ing? i ask cas ive never got rsd to work :/
From what I understand, 2nd init works with the GB KERNEL (the .32 branch), however, Moto patched the method in the actual GB software, which means you have to be on Froyo for it to install correctly, so yes, you will have to SBF. Have you tried using version 4.8? (attached above)
EDIT: I stand corrected! According to the tweet HERE there is an easier way coming, so... Awesome!

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jhanford said:
If we're SBF'ing back to Froyo, are we staying there for CM4DX?

Or am I missing some clever jiggery-pokery in the install that'll take us back to GB?
CM7 is Gingerbread, despite being SBF'd to Froyo. I'm not quite sure all the nitty-gritty that gets it to work, but it does. .32 branch kernel and everything!
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