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Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of information on how to rezise the Cyanogenmod partition on my Touchpad? I have a 32GB touchpad and would like to increase the partition from 2GB to 4GB to allow for more room for apps.

Any info will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

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there is a sticky at the top of this forum.
I know it says CM7, but it worked fine on CM9 for me.. YMMV.

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One thing not mentioned in that pinned thread that I have found out from experience using the memory upgrade, if you try it and get the failed message, don't waste your time with the other stuff recommended there. Make a nandroid backup, run ACMEUnstaller, reinstall moboot and CWM via ACMEInstaller, and your current rom via CWM. Boot to CM just to verify a good install. Check storage in settings, you will see 1.5 GB of internal space. Go back to CWM and flash the memory upgrade. You should get a Success message. Reboot immediately back to CM and check storage again and you will see 3.5 GB of internal storage. You must reboot after running the upgrade or it will not work. Now go back to CWM and restore the nandroid backup you made. Enjoy
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