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All of your roots, give them to me.
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This method uses the files and method to install CWM from Goncezilla I just threw together the method to flash superuser and I'll work on getting rid of

Features of this root: It installs su, superuser apk, gapps

Future Features: Suggest something.

Note: Windows instructions are in this post

2.2: Removed all additions, sticking with basics for now.
2.1: Removed unknown source fix, removed adw and homecatcher due to problems with Gapps.
2.0: Sets unknown sources to be allowed since B&N wanted to play "hard to get" with that. :) Enjoy guys.
1.5: Included adw and homecatcher apk's, NTHidden settings as well.
1.0 Initial zip / method release.
Linux only instructions (unless you substitute the instructions with a known windows equivalent)
1. Setup SDCard
Using a new SDCard (not one you have info stored on) make a new MSDOS partition table and add a 50 MB FAT32 partition as the first primary partition. Then make sure you enable to boot and lda flags.

Any SDCARD larger than 50 MB should work but I used an extra 2GB laying around. You can add other partitions to the card if you want, but it is not necessary to allocate the entire card. Any added partitions would need to be manually mounted on your Nook anyway.
I used GParted on my Ubuntu machine to do this but any formating tool should work.

2. Copy Files onto SDCard
You can grab the files I used here:

Just UnZip the files directly to the root of the boot partition you created above (make sure flashing_boot.img, u-boot.bin, and boot.img are on the root not the folder SDCARD)

3. Insert SDCARD into NT
Now, with your NT powered off, eject the SDCARD you just created from your computer and insert it into the tablet. Then just turn it on and VOLA! You should now be in CWM!

Now you just need to download this zip file:
just put onto the /mnt/media/ directory or you can push to /emmc/ while in CWM.

loglud for taking the time to write instructions for windows.
ChainsDD for superuser and SU
Bauwkz for the exploit to be able to make a bootable sdcard
Nemith for the recovery
Goncezilla for the sdcard method (I didn't feel like typing it all out.)
Myself for the flashable zip.

Note: If anyone has 1.4.1 installed and uses this, I need a tester to see if the old package manager will work or not (it should.)

Don't mirror my files because I only use goo-inside to track download stats.

Proof it works (Screenshots)

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