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Hi guys,

What would be the best way to conserve the free space on my Razr M (XT907, 4gb ) while using your Safestrap software? Without having to restore over the Stock rom slot?

I currently have a 32gb external SD card installed in my phone that I am hardly making use of, which is silly. I seemed to have quickly maxed out my phone's internal SD card 0 shortly after installing a Eclipse mod 1.1 and snapping a few pictures/videos and installing GTA3 (large game). As simple as this task sounds, I have been unable to find clear instructions online on how to free up my space.

Maybe would there be any way to symlink the entire /safestrap directory to my external SD card? How about changing the default location that my apps/pictures are saved or installed to? (it doesn't seem that my camera app has any configuration settings to change this location..). I am comfortable connecting via ADB and making changes in Linux if necessary.

Thank you!
you can change the save directory for your pics/vids in the camera settings to the mnt/external1 spot.

also, when I installed the Energy ROM on my stock ROM slot, I freed up all of space.
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