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those build pricing estimates don't take into account the volume discounts and pricing deals with HP

for example, When I wanted a 64 pack of Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme, the price was $21

but when my local supermarket bought a case of them (the order slip is usually on the stack)

for what cost me $21, cost the local supermarket $8 per unit

and the store is usually ordering 1 or 2 boxes which has 4 units in each box

For the build estimates to be accurate, they would need to have someone sneak into the HP HQ and steal a few documents to figure out the cost of each touchpad.

PS If you have done betatesting on sites like online beta, you will notice that when you get a device like a laptop, there is generally shipping insurance. For a mid range laptop that sold for around $800, when I beta tested it, it only had around $210 listed under the declared value and it was a core i7 laptop with a 6 cell battery and 500GB hard drive and a nvidia gtx 555m videocard.

Not sure what the true cost of the item is but finding out is a lot more complicated then just taking the device apart then googling model numbers for prices
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