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HP touchpad 32gb draining in 20mins...

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Was working FANTASTIC. suddenly today out of nowhere battery just drains in standy...

i have 1.7gz overclock... should i maybe do a doctor restore?
or return it and get my 150 back?
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Yeah, before going crazy with returning the product, take a step back and look at the following.

- Can you replicate this issue after a reboot?
- Can you replicate this issue while running at alternate clock speeds?
- What are the last changes you have made from when it was running "normally?"
- Install Uberkernel - does the problem still exist?
- Install Stock Kernel - does the problem still exist?

If you go through all of those, try a dr restore and see if the problem exists in stock form. If so, then you may have a hardware issue.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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