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Mod Type:: Boot Animation

Difficulty:: Very Easy

Mod Status:: Stable

Apply In:: Alt. Recovery

Requires Root:: Yes

Ok guys i started doing splashes,then a dev asked me to do a boot ani for him,so here goes....

Thanks to Gerysgs for his guide and leadership in helping me learn this and Outerdepth for his inspiration.

As before these have all been tested by me,on my phone and 100% work.You have to be rooted to run these boot animations!

Disclaimer:I am not responsible for what happens to your phone after you download this file.I posted detailed instructions to install a boot animation,theres no reason for you to brick your phone.


1)Download boot animation that you desire.
2)Copy it to a folder or root of your SD card.
3)Rename it to,what ever rom you are on,it depends,it can be( or
4)Use the file explorer of your choosing,navigate to the folder that contains the boot animation and copy it to(system/customize/resource or data/local).
5)Exit file explorer and reboot,you will now have a new boot ani,enjoy.

Liquid EVO

Space Stallion



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