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Download the Evil/Dev/Null HTC Evo Shift 4G Ginger Bread v2.3.3 PERM Root Tool Kit Version 3.5
Please press the "Thank you" button to the left of this post.

**UPDATE** HTC and Sprint contacted me regarding this kit and told me to remove it from all sites, including my own. The kit is still good to go , but i'm having to remove the links to keep issues away from Rootzwiki, i will repost it again soon i promise you all!!!!!!

Credits include
Agrabren for the creation and permission to use his exploit tactic - Fre3vo
Amoamare for the creation and permission to use his
system for Froyo v2.2 - Shiftrr
ChainsDD for the open use age of his application Superuser and su binaries - found in Shiftrr
Evil_DevNull for the creation of the exe file which binds the Tool Kit together as well as step by step information within the read me file

-Note to user-
You DO NOT NEED the Android SDK installed to use this tool kit.
You DO NOT NEED to know ADB commands to use this tool kit
You DO NOT NEED to HTC SYNC installed to use this tool kit

-Advise before use-
Back up contacts and applications be for you run the tool kit.
Remove battery and replace after 10 seconds before using this tool kit.
And most of all;
Do not be scared to use this tool kit - I have tested and retested this system from;
Android Bullet 1.0
Android Bullet 2.1a
Android Bullet 2.8e stable
Android Bullet executable v3.1 beta
Android Bullet Tool Kit v3.3 Alpha
Android Bullet Tool Kit v3.5 Stable

In the creation of this system only 3 phones where bricked due to 2nd hand issues.

No Live Evo Shift 4Gs have been bricked or malfunctioned since v 1.0

This system is now deemed 100% safe to use.

If you do some how brick your phone due to lack of reading the read me file or act of god
(power outage during flashing of the RUU ect)
I release this kit without warranty by downloading and using it, you are agreeing that you can not hold

Agrabren - Amoamare - Evil_Devnull -
Responsible in anyway - you know "standard legal C.Y.A" code

Other then that, enjoy rooting your HTC Evo Shift 4G
This is a release for ONLY!,

Transferring - Porting - Hot linking
Strictly forbidden and justified cause to be called a "Douche".


Moderator NOTE: This is based off of fre3vo and is done with permission from its creator.
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