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I followed the instructions related to updating my rooted HTC Sensation 4G to CMX CyanogenMod 10 Jelly Bean:

I went through all the steps, downloaded G-Apps and the first zip file, here:

I am - by no means - any type of Android genius -- in fact, I probably barely qualify as an Android idiot. But I followed all of the steps and did everything necessary in HBOOT.

Like I said, please treat me like I am stupid, because I am (was I supposed to load all of the files from the page?). I am way off the reservation, here.

After the confirmed, successful installs, I rebooted and the phone loads the CMX CyanogenMod 10 screen, then asks me to pick a language. When I do, it goes dark, shows the HTC screen and goes right back to the CMX CyanogenMod 10 screen ... then pick a language.

Rinse and repeat ... over and over.

I have this phone fully backed up, so I am not THAT worried. And I am sure I made a mistake along the line.

Please have some mercy on a moron and let me know what might be going wrong.

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