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Huawei ascend y511-u30 Bootloader, Root & CWM?

Hi guys,
I'm searching/trying "Bootloader, Root & CWM/TWRP" for Huawei ascend y511 (Dual-Sim).
I'll post an update, when ever I'll find or try something new, hope members will help. thanks.

How to find ADB/fastboot, CDC.... Drivers!!
(You can get these drivers from within your phone.)

Follow these steps:

1. Touch for other USB options.
2. Built-in CD-ROM
3. Double Click on New drive Icons "CD-ROM".
4. Here you are : )....

Let us know who get them and who did not, so we can share : ).
(ask in comments for drivers.)

Unlocking bootloader, Root & CWM:

>> How to Unlock Bootloader?
>> "ADB/Fastboot" method didn't worked in Windows/Linux both.
>> This device is not mentioned in Huawei link for 'Bootloader' unlocking.
>> Did a live chat with Huawei agent and they couldn't help. (don't have steps to unlock.)

>> How to Root?
>> Tried few root apps. no satisfying results yet."framaroot/srstool" after using both, i tried an app to test that device is rooted or not and result is 'no'.

>> What version of CWM to install and does it make backup of official/Stock installed ROM?


>> Got a news that 'Sigma Box' support this device for 'Bootloader, Root etc.... i hope so. (didn't tested yet).

I didn't find any Help/Tutorial on this stuff regarding mentioned device model. Tuto/guide will sure help me and others. Will be waiting.... Thanks.

Guys, I'm new to Android but I'm trying my best regarding this device with research and help of others, Your help is needed. hope this post title will change from 'Question' to "Solution/Solved" for "Huawei Ascend Y511-u30" Users. Stay tuned....

(Note:- I'm doing this all for sharing purpose & i need it too. I take no responsibility for anything bad happen to your device. As for me i am testing methods on my device, then i post updates in thread and so far, my device is still working fine. I'll sure will try to mention about anything I'll update in thread without testing. Always take backup of your Phone Data. )


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Founders/moderator, want to make you aware of one thing about my thread. i couldn't find way to contact in private message so, i'm saying here. i created this thread and it's not the first place i'm posting it. there are almost 2 forum where i posted same thread. it's not someone else thread. all i want to ask incase it's not against rules. I hope i didn't make a mistake. 3 forums now got this post and i have no plans for posting anywhere else. i hope you understand. thanks.
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