We all know Hulu's story. They provide content from the largest distributors such as Fox, NBC, ABC, and more worldwide. They charge a monthly fee and on top of that show commercials or ads on top of it. Up until now, Android users needed to pay for Hulu Plus to access any content streaming via the application. With the latest update, non-paying users can now access their free content on their devices.

In a blog post from Wednesday, Hulu announced:

Today we are pleased to announce an update to our Hulu app for Android that gives users a taste of our comprehensive library with a selection of free content on Android phones and tablets. In addition to the latest and past episodes of popular current TV shows, users will be able to enjoy a selection of content from Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino. The content available on the updated app will mirror the ad-supported Hulu.com with a few exceptions.
I would imagine the few exceptions may be first-run material that will be prohibited for free streaming view by individual content distributors. An example would be that new episode of Law & Order SVU which may not be available at Comcast's behest.

The app does not appear to have many other changes to it in the latest update. After a quick run-through everything seems to be in place. Being a paid customer, I did not test out the free features, but after a quick check after signing off, there are plenty new episodes, back episodes and movies available for streaming.

The service sets users back $7.99 a month for the full Hulu library. Free is always a great price for streaming content, so I am sure a lot will take advantage of the added functionality now on their Android devices. If you've checked it out, let us know what you think.

Hulu App is available for Free in the Google Play Store (subscription fee).​

From: Hulu Blog

H/T: Droid Life