Get ready to crank it up to 11 with the latest Humble Bundle for PC and Android! That's right, the 11th iteration of the venerable Humble Bundle has just been announced, and it's a definite beast of a bundle this time! If you have been looking for a few titles to add to your gaming inventory, then you really need not look much further than the newest Humble Bundle. With this bundle, you get DRM-free access to every title on every platform that the games are available on: Android, PC (Windows and Linux) as well as Steam keys - assuming that you aren't too shy to put in at least a buck.

As with every Humble Bundle previously, you get to pick your price - if you only want to pay a penny, then you can pay a penny. If you do choose to go that low, though, you won't get those previously mentioned Steam keys. Those cost all of a buck. Once you have made your decision on how much you're willing to fork over, you need to decide how you want your money spent. You've got three choices: the developers, charity, or the Humble Bundle crew. All worthy options, though some are perhaps more worthy than others. Fill out your information, choose who gets your cash, then pay with PayPal, Amazon, credit card or Google Wallet. Then play on!

So, you might be wondering what you will get access to this time around. Well, the basic bundle includes:

If you pay more than the average (currently at $4.91) you'll get:

Finally, as with most recent bundles they've been putting out, there is a third level if you pay a certain amount. This time, that level is at $11. If you pay $11 or more, you will also gain:

Overall, I would have to say that this is one very good looking Humble Bundle! If you haven't already made the mad dash over to the Humble Bundle website and picked this up, what are you waiting for?

Source: Humble Bundle via Android Police