Fresh on the heels of Solid Strawberry, Paranoid Android is continuing its fruity fixation with its fourth 4.6 Beta, "Humble Huckleberry." This beta doesn't introduce anything groundbreaking like its 4.5 and 4.6 Beta 1 predecessors, but it humbly brings some needed performance and stability improvements along with some tweaks to Peek and Quick Settings. One change stock launcher users who install the latest beta clean (as in wiping data) will notice right away is the new default wallpaper.

If you use the OTA updater or flash without wiping data and want to check out the new wallpaper, it'll take some doing according to Paranoid Android's announcement post in Google+...

The default wallpaper is a bit special on the system and you might still see the old thumbnail. One way to resolve this is to do a clean flash with a factory reset (wiping of userdata). A different, more clean approach is to ask the relevant files to be removed which can be done by flashing like you would normally do and then either
a) opening a terminal/command prompt on your computer, connecting your device up to it and running: adb shell su -c 'rm -f /data/data/; rm -f /data/data/'
b) opening a terminal emulator on your device and running: su -c 'rm -f /data/data/; rm -f /data/data/'
Or, you know, you could just download the wallpaper below and set it manually. Actually, when I just used the OTA updater on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, it showed up in the native wallpaper app just as if I had wiped data, so it might not even be an issue for you.

The full changelog follows:

- Make all Quick Settings tiles act similarly in edit mode
- Add a new default AOSPA wallpaper
- Improve speed and stability of the core
- Adapt to the Peek standalone application package name change
As usual, if you're already on Paranoid Android, I recommend using the OTA updater rather than downloading it manually. If you're coming from another ROM or just like kickin it old skool flashing manually you can do so here (and get the latest Gapps package here).

Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 4 is already available for the Nexus lineup, the Oppo Find lineup and the OnePlus One. Availability for "legacy" devices will be set by your device maintainer (provided your device enjoys AOSPA Legacy support). [Exclusive teaser alert] Incidentally, stay tuned for a completely new design-focused AOSPA website overhaul in the very near future ;)

Source: Paranoid Android in Google+